Create faster than ever.

Whether you need to rig, motion capture, or apply animations to your character, Aquifer provides an easy to use workflow.

The all-in-one performance platform

High-fidelity facial animation all in an app.

Capture and export quality render-ready animation

• Capture 52 muscle movements on the face, including eyes and tongue at 60 fps
• Preview animation on your character before exporting
• Export FBX, audio, and video files directly from the app to use in Maya, Blender, Unity, Unreal or your preferred animation software

Stream in real-time.

• Connect the app with the Unity streaming tool in less than 3 seconds
• Apply exaggerations to your animation as you stream
• Aquifer smooths the animation in real-time, giving you the highest quality
Unreal Engine streaming coming soon!

Seamlessly integrate with other tools.

Aquifer applies 50 blendshapes to your characters in 3-5 business days for just $195/model
• Upload your characters and see them in the Aquifer app
• Use our Maya control rig to adjust your animations
• Aquifer integrates with best-in-class tools

Manage your work in a central hub.

• Upload models for auto-rigging via our convenient dashboard
• Sync your custom models for animation in your Aquifer app
• Collect and download your exported animation, audio, video files
• Access Aquifer tools and accessories
• Manage your account

Aquifer flows with your workflow, not against it.

We know it’s painful to introduce new tools into your fine-tuned process. That’s why Aquifer is designed to be pipeline agnostic. Export an FBX file directly from your phone or stream the facial animation directly into Unity.

Made for you

Game Studios

Make game-ready character animations and cutscenes in a fraction of the time.

VFX & CG Animation Studios

Get quality character animations and fast pre-viz on in-progress work in no time.

Immersive Content Creators

Quickly integrate expressive facial animations onto characters in your immersive projects.

Creative Teams

Build character-based experiences that will wow your clients and engage your customers.

Boosted productivity!

Aquifer cut our production pipeline down from days to hours and has boosted the quality of our VO by making pickups painless and quick. The team has been fantastic and very responsive to all of our queries.

Ben, CEO of

Just what I needed!

The data from Aquifer is so clean that it cuts down my animation time by more than half!

Brandon, VR Animator


The app was so intuitive that it quickly became part of my performance process.

Kelli, Voice Actress

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