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Animate digital spokespeople with just with your voice and expressions. Export custom videos. All from one app.

Meaningfully connect with your customers

Transform your videos into content that makes people stop scrolling to watch, without an expensive production team.
Aquifer enables businesses to create content with their own virtual spokesperson, all from an easy-to-use app.

Humans are hardwired to respond to faces—we have seen this to be consistent across all mediums.

- Nick Nelson

Meet your business goals

Meaningful Engagement

Get higher video engagement across your website, videos, and social channels by giving your customers a consistent face and voice to rely on. Create a custom 3D animated spokesperson that matches your brand, then animate with your facial expressions and voice in minutes in the app.

Localize in Minutes

Creating videos for multiple languages is simple.  Choose a regionally appropriate character, speak into the app, and export a video.  You can also ask your translator to directly record the lines themselves.

Create Anywhere

Creation on Aquifer isn’t limited by geography or team distribution.  Create videos anywhere on the app, upload to Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, or collaborate with your team on the Aquifer dashboard.  

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