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Create instant stunning content with your brand's IP

Make quick videos, GIFs, memes, and episodes in full 3D animation. Aquifer's awesome suite of features enables any content team to collaboratively make magic for their audiences. No technical knowledge or long production timelines needed.

Shoot scenes in full 3D

Create dynamic animated scenes like never before. Use Aquifer's built in expert virtual camera angles or capture any custom shots in real time with our virtual camera features by just moving your phone and walking around.

Let your emotions flow

Say anything. Capture detailed facial expressions and apply them to characters instantly. Capture facial movements in short emotions or long-form dialogue and capture audio at the same time.

Express it with body movement

Show off that new hot TikTok dance. Capture it with Aquifer's body motion tracking in seconds and apply it to your brand's characters. Experiment with endless combinations of movements and expressions.

Do it live (coming soon)

Livestream while capturing movements in real time as characters in 3D worlds using Aquifer's upcoming livestreaming features.

AR creation (coming soon)

Bring your virtual characters to life with Aquifer's upcoming AR feature. Add custom movements then drop your character into the car, office, or live event to interact with your fans. Capture and share the video in minutes.

How Aquifer Works

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Choose a template

We have professionally-crafted templates for explainer, marketing, social media, or e-learning videos.

Select characters from human, stylized, cartoon, animals, and abstract.

Select environments like offices, homes, outdoor,  fantasy, and abstract.

Create scenes in-app

Our easy to use iPhone app makes animating easy.:

Animate single character, no character, or multi-characters scenes.

Get perfect audio, lip sync and facial expressions.

Select shots from any angle in the 3D space.

Save your work or send your progress to your team to check out.

Export and download your video

Export your completed video.

Your 4k video renders in the cloud in just a few minutes.

Browse your completed videos in your web dashboard and choose the final to download.

Everything you want. No fuss.

Professional Results

Built-In Collaboration

Iterative Creation

Easy to Learn

Quick Production

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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