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Whether you’re engaging new audiences with dynamic characters, explaining a new product with stunning scenes, or driving brand differentiation through episodic content, we bring your business to life.  

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How Aquifer Works

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Tell us your video vision

Send us a script, choose styles, and supply some assets if you have them.

Our request platform makes it easy and fun for you to describe exactly what you want.

From there, we create a storyboard for your review and the fun starts.

Your creator team gets to work

Our talented creative team reviews your request and builds your animations on Aquifer's platform.

Then we upload your finished video to your account.

Receive your amazing animated video

Receive your completed high-res video in 5 days.

Take a moment to enjoy it.

Reply with revisions (unlimited), if needed.

Everything you want. No fuss.

Professional Results

Easy Communication

Unlimited Revisions

Creative Control

Fast Turnarounds

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Case Studies

See how Aquifer has helped teams craft compelling content

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is studio-quality animation?

We use studio-quality animation to differentiate the type of animated content produced within Aquifer. It’s not paper doll white board videos or generic explainers. In short, it means high-quality 3D animation you’d expect from animation experts and professional studios.

Do I own the videos and IP created in Aquifer?

Yes. You own the characters, animation, and stories produced within Aquifer. Music may have its own licensing requirements.

How does Aquifer work?

Our creator team sends you a questionnaire  to understand your vision, brand and content needs. We’ll transform your assets and IP into a 3D Studio Kit giving you characters, backgrounds, and endless story possibilities. 
Once your 3D Studio Kit is set-up, you can just submit new scripts and story ideas. Our team will build your content using the Aquifer platform and send files for review within five business days. You’ll have unlimited revisions backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

How much does Aquifer cost?

We have three different product offerings depending on your budget and design needs. Pricing starts at $1,900 monthly. We require a 3 month commitment so you get a feel for what it’s like to work with Aquifer. See more about pricing here.

Can I upgrade to a different package?

Yes, all packages can be upgraded at any time. We’ll prorate your invoice for prior services and begin billing the upgraded package.

How will I receive my Aquifer content?

When the creator team finishes your video, you’ll be able to review it in the dashboard and provide feedback.

Do you charge for extra video or production fees?

No. Our creator team is available to assist with the production of your content at no additional costs. The service fees are included in your monthly subscription fee.

How long does it take to produce content?

The studio kit takes 1-4 weeks to complete, depending on the number of characters. For each video after studio kit is completed, you can expect just 3-5 business days from script to finished product. 

What is episodic content?

We define episodic content as long or short-form character-based episodes. 

Can I produce a movie with Aquifer?

Yep! Your only limits are your imagination.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards.

How do I cancel my service?

You can cancel Aquifer at any time by emailing our team at

Does Aquifer integrate with other editing and video creation platforms?

Not at this time, Aquifer is not natively integrated with other editing systems. All files can be exported with common file types for seamless importing.

Does Aquifer integrate with other 3D animation software?

Not at this time. Even though Aquifer is an animation platform, our technology exports video, not 3D animation files.

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