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Make Learning Videos Instantly

Create dynamic learning videos with Aquifer's all-in-one 3D animation platform. It's simple to use, includes templates, and allows you to tell any story.
Turn Text and Images into Powerful  3D Scenario Videos
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Create stunning L&D videos in minutes, not days
Record your detailed facial expressions and apply them to avatars with a tap, or simply upload an audio file to get perfect lip sync.
Make learning fun with bite-size 3D movies
Choose from our library of high-quality templates to find the perfect character and environment to match your script.
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Leveraging Aquifer’s cutting-edge technology, we're excited to be leading the way enabling young fans and their families to create an even deeper, and more personal relationship with the characters they love.
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Guru Studio
Our brand’s studio kit is a dream come true. Now my entire team can create animated content.
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After releasing the animated episodes, we noticed the percentage of people who watched the entire video doubled. Aquifer allowed us to scale high-quality animation production
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Blue Studios
Aquifer's platform and innovative features give our teams the ease and flexibility to create exciting content across channels.
G2 Esports
Aquifer is awesome. We didn't get great results using freelancers and thought 3D animation wouldn't be feasible for us. From their great selection of templates, we selected a style that we felt our audiences would love. We're thrilled about the final results.
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Enhance your existing content
Incorporate Aquifer's 3D characters into pre-existing presentations and videos. Simply use our green screen feature to create a transparent background and overlay the character on top of any content.
Maximize learning retention
Use the power of 3D animation to captivate viewers. Increased engagement will maximize retention and improve learning results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do animated training and learning videos grow content engagement?

They're like an animated counterpart to the written word, but instead of communicating facts, they attempt to make complex ideas easier for viewers by using simple language and 3D characters and graphics. These short videos can help your company grow content engagement for onboarding, training, employee development and more. Increase information retention, recall, and lesson completion rates across all departments with a well crafted animated training and learning short-form video.

Keep it short – 60 seconds or less is ideal. Your key message and value proposition should be in the first 30 seconds. Use 2nd person (you), using words like "You" or phrases with personalization such as “Your journey begins here." Use a friendly tone so that everyone can understand what you're saying. Try to add a camera cut every few seconds to keep users eyes focused on your message.

3D video uses dynamic scene visuals to grab the viewer's attention and cuts through the clutter of other media. Whether you want to help your employees learn about a new Diversity and Inclusion initiative, train on a new product or process, or create an emotional connection with scenario training, 3D animated videos are an effective way to get your messages and lessons across.

Retention rates fall with longer videos. In a 60-second video, viewers will generally pay attention for about 45 seconds. Avoid going over 2 minutes and make sure your key messages are within the first 30 seconds when viewers are most attentive.

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10 AI Platforms Innovating Animation in 2024

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Powered by Aquifer, Baby Shark joins Cameo to deliver personalized videos to fans
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Leveraging Aquifers' innovative technology, Baby Shark joins Cameo Kids enabling parents and loved ones to book personalized videos

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