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Make effective training and learning videos fast

Get higher engagement and recall with powerful 3D animated short-form education and tutorial videos, made in minutes on Aquifer's easy-to-use platform. No experience required.
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Bring your training and learning content to the next level with 3D


Capture and maintain attention with stunning creative


Supercharge tutorial and learning results with 3D visuals


Reinforce key concepts to help aid retention and recall


Meet your and exceed your team's training goals


Make just-in-time videos or enhance existing content

Today's viewers are inundated with attention-grabbing videos from everywhere. That means you need to publish more high-quality video content to keep them engaged. Aquifer is built to help you and your team create stunning 3D animated videos in any style for any LMS or platform. Create original videos in minutes. No design or animation experience required.


Grab attention with custom  animated tutorial videos

Aquifer’s Studio Kit and creation features give you everything to create custom content with ease. Use your existing assets or request custom models from our expert team.

  • Custom Studio Kit: Your characters, products, and 3D worlds
  • Custom Cameras: Use your phone to make any shot
  • Face Capture: Capture your facial expressions and movements

Why Aquifer?

75% of learners would rather watch a video than read text
Today’s employees need more than text and presentation slides to keep their attention. Give them dynamic and visually stunning tutorial and education videos made with Aquifer's easy-to-use platform.

Make and update any video in minutes

Create for multiple channels in one place. From website to your learning management system (LMS),  create MP4 videos with Aquifer to speed up your content time to market. You can also create, duplicate, save, and share drafts with your team.


Bring your team together and give them superpowers

Whether you have a team of one or 100, Aquifer unlocks the potential of your team. Invite team members, create mini-teams, and start creating in seconds. With built-in features to draft scenes and share, you and your team can easily co-create, iterate, and collaborate for your business' learning and development needs.

“After launching content made with Aquifer, we noticed the percentage of people who watched the entire video doubled.”
Blue Studios
How do animated training and learning videos grow content engagement?

They're like an animated counterpart to the written word, but instead of communicating facts they attempt make complex ideas easier for viewers by using simple language and 3D characters and graphics. These short videos can help your company grow content engagement for onboarding, training, employee development and more. Increase information retention, recall, and lesson completion rates across all departments with a well crafted animated training and learning short-form video.

What is the difference between 3D animated videos and other types of training or tutorial videos?

3D video uses dynamic scene visuals to grab the viewer's attention and cuts through the clutter of other media. Whether you want to help your employees learn about a new Diversity and Inclusion initiative, train on a new product or process, or want to create an emotional connection with scenario training, 3D animated videos are an effective way to get your messages and lessons across.

What are the ways to make a great training or tutorial video?

Keep it short – 60 seconds or less is ideal.
Your key message and value proposition should be in the first 30 seconds.
Use 2nd person (you), using words like "You" or phrases with personalization such as “Your journey begins here."
Use a friendly tone so that everyone can understand what you're saying
Try to add a camera cut every few seconds to keep users eyes focused on your message

How long should training and learning videos be?

Retention rates fall with longer videos. In a 60-second video, viewers will generally pay attention for about 45 seconds. Avoid going over 2-minutes and make sure your key messages are within the first 30 seconds when viewers are most attentive.

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