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Unlock a
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Aquifer animation platform

Meet Aquifer - A platform for teams and creators to make stunning animated videos and live-streams with their brand's IP in minutes.
No experience required.

Aquifer animation platform
Cinematic content for anywhere
A remarkably simple platform for flexible and fast creation for your content and social teams.
Create mixed reality
Post branded social media content
Create episodic
Live-stream your characters
Make your own NFTs


Your brand, personified

Upload your existing characters or craft your brand's virtual influencers with Aquifer's templates and expert teams in any style or type.


Tell any story, from anywhere.

Choose 3D worlds to tell any story your audiences want to see or bring your character into the real world.


Collaborative, effortless creation

Work by yourself or with your team to create cinematic videos or live-streams in minutes
Audio recording/uploading
Green screen
Facial capture
Body animation library
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More engagement. More revenue.

Export your videos in seconds to the cloud. Post your content to social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or live-stream on Twitch. Make digital and physical merch.

The animation platform for your team

For marketers, social media managers, content teams, and brand teams.

Powered by Aquifer

See how our customers increased engagement using Aquifer.

No more waiting weeks for one video. Make content in minutes.

While it takes 5 or more people and 3+ days to produce animations in the traditional way, it only takes 1 person and merely minutes to create cinematic animated content with Aquifer.
Traditional Animation

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