Instant animation for brands and IP

Aquifer empowers the world’s biggest brands to quickly produce animated content, without sacrificing quality. No animation experience needed.

All-in-one animation platform

Aquifer has all the tools to create and export an animated video starring your brand character in minutes.

Animate from Text

Animate by describing what your character is doing.

Automatic Lip Sync

Simply upload your voiceover to animate the lip sync.
Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions

Layer custom face movements for the perfect expression.

Body Animations

Animate simple gestures or complex dance moves.
Camera Shots

Camera Shots

Use cinematic quality camera angles and movements.
Export to Video

Export to Video

Pro-level export options for the post-production flexibility.

Expedite animation while maintaining creative control

Our platform empowers you to rapidly animate your brand characters while maintaining creative control. Start by animating with a text description, then move to the timeline to make selective adjustments.
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An end-to-end suite for any type of animated content

Educational Videos
Short Episodes
Social Media Videos
Social Media Videos
Short Episodes

Advanced export features for total post-production freedom


Aspect Ratio Selection

Suit your creations to any platform--whether you're crafting content for YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.


For those seeking flexibility in post-processing, the ProRes codec preserves detail, which allows video editors to add transitions, zooming in, etc.

Alpha Channel

Export characters with a transparent background and place characters against unlimited scenes or landscapes.

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Leveraging Aquifer’s cutting-edge technology, we're excited to be leading the way enabling young fans and their families to create an even deeper, and more personal relationship with the characters they love.
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Guru Studio
Our brand’s studio kit is a dream come true. Now my entire team can create animated content.
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After releasing the animated episodes, we noticed the percentage of people who watched the entire video doubled. Aquifer allowed us to scale high-quality animation production
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Blue Studios
Aquifer's platform and innovative features give our teams the ease and flexibility to create exciting content across channels.
G2 Esports
Aquifer is awesome. We didn't get great results using freelancers and thought 3D animation wouldn't be feasible for us. From their great selection of templates, we selected a style that we felt our audiences would love. We're thrilled about the final results.
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