Motion capture like never before.



*for iPhone X and up



Quick and intuitive facial motion capture.

Track subtle muscle movements at 60+ fps, with no set-up time.

Aquifer uses ARKit and the iPhone X's powerful infrared depth camera to capture 52 different muscle movements, including tongue and eyeballs, at more than 60 fps.  Get accurate markerless facial tracking without the complicated set-up or expensive hardware. All you need is an iPhone X.

Use Aquifer to capture a performance, play it back in the app, and export it to be applied onto a model.

Use Aquifer to capture a performance, play it back in the app, and export it to be applied onto a model.


Aquifer is Adaptable

Place the phone in a helmet mount and pair it with a body mocap suit to get started recording in your studio in no time. Capturing data from multiple performers has never been so simple.


Aquifer has No Boundaries

Whether you’re at home or at the office, it’s easy to quickly capture multiple takes. Collaborate across the globe by sending the app to international team members.


Flows with your pipeline, not against it.

We know it’s painful to introduce new tools into your fine-tuned process. That’s why Aquifer is designed to be pipeline agnostic. Export an FBX file directly from your phone or stream the facial animation directly into Unity.



  • Animation smoothing toggle

  • Expression/blendshape exaggeration settings

  • Simple file and session naming & batching

  • Preview your capture on a model


  • Export your animation as an FBX directly from the app

  • Use iOS native share to sync with your Drive or Dropbox or send via email

  • Live-stream animation directly into Unity via Wi-Fi


  • Native iOS FBX sharing allows or effortless collaboration with your distributed team members

  • Get VO recordings and facial mocap simultaneously from remote actors

  • Start and stop takes in seconds


It’s that simple.


Use cases


CG Character animation


Spend less time cleaning up noisy data and more time breathing life into your characters.

Aquifer is workflow agnostic. Whether you're animating on an indie CG film or a AAA game title, Aquifer is easy to use and captures footage that requires minimal cleanup.

Studio-scale Pre-Viz


Aquifer shortens the gap between rough and final cuts.

Kick your blocking up a gear with clear animation that takes a fraction of the time create. Just type in your session info, turn on smoothing or exaggeration if desired, and tap to record.

Collaborate with your actors remotely by having them quickly capture and share the file with you.

Virtual Theater & Social streaming


Aquifer's Unity streaming unlocks the potential for creative live video and AR/VR experiences.

Stream to Unity and simultaneously broadcast your virtual character to the web, engaging live audiences like never before.


What users say


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Current Features:

  • Capture 52 facial movements at 60fps

  • Export FBX

  • Sync FBX exports to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or email, all directly from mobile

  • Live stream facial animation data into Unity


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Ex. Maya, Unity, Unreal, Crytek, iClone, Motion Builder, etc.
Aquifer runs only on these phones (for now)

Fall 2019: What to expect in Aquifer 1.0


The Aquifer Dashboard

Your Aquifer dashboard you will allow you to review the data captured on multiple phones all in one place, add licenses to your account, and upload your own models.

Model Upload

Upload your own models via the Aquifer dashboard, preview your animation on them, and export your captured footage on them.

In-App Audio Capture

Start and stop audio and facial capture simultaneously.