Studio-level animation
without the studio costs

No drawn-out productions with huge budgets. No disappointing quality.
Get your video ideas made by story experts, on a revolutionary platform, lightning fast.

Grow your audiences with stunning animated content, made in a flash.

Custom animated videos for your brand.

No generic or boring templates here. We help your brand stand out with custom creative to match your vision. Whether you already have characters or need one designed from scratch, we're here to make your vision come to life.

You dream up the stories. We do everything else.

We start with your unique stories and scripts, which you submit in our streamlined process. Our creator team then uses the Aquifer platform to transform your ideas into professional animated videos, with your input and feedback.

You create the stories. We do everything else.

Dream up unique stories and scripts. Our platform transforms them into professional animated stories.

Get videos in any format, any length.

Need a 15-second vertical videos for ads or a 15 minute animated episode? We got you! The Aquifer platform works iteratively, so you can request changes and get a new version back in just a few days. Satisfaction guaranteed.

The animated videos of your dreams are now possible

Branded Social Media Content

Amplify your brand and grow your subscriber count with branded character stories your audiences will love. Publish new high-quality animated videos to your channels 5x faster and fraction of the cost compared to studios.

K-12 Education Videos

Increase student engagement and curriculum retention with incredible animated videos. Students love learning with video. Enhance the curriculum by illuminating ideas with characters, sets, and memorable stories.

Episodic Shows

Bring the power of 3D animation to your episodic show. Create stunning, character-driven stories that emotionally connect with your audiences faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional studio animation.

Customer Education Videos

Don't settle for boring, generic videos. Bring your product and ideas to life with animated storytelling that extends your brand and delights your customers. Plus, animated scenes increase engagement and help your customers learn important information.

Designed for you and your team

Our expert creators bring your vision to life with the Aquifer platform. We deliver studio-quality videos at a fraction of the time and cost of studio production.

Social Media Influencers & Creators

Transform and differentiate your brand with character-based animation and episodic content.

Design Agencies

Expand your agency capabilities with white-labeled 3D animation.

Content Marketers

Increase engagement with differentiated content produced at scale across channels.

Media & Entertainment Companies

Breakthrough and engage new audiences at the speed of culture.

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