Studio-level animation
without the studio 

Grow your audiences with stunning animated content, made in a flash.

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Put your best face forward.

Animate compelling characters in minutes to help tell your stories. All in the palm of your hand. Sign up today to start creating.

Capture and apply your facial expressions and audio to any character

Select body animations, camera angles and lighting details

Create and export in any style in minutes

Who uses Aquifer?

Use Aquifer with the tools you already have

iPhone and iPad

Video editing programs

Designed for all

Gone are the days of large, expensive productions. Create with minimal setup and costs.

Fast & Easy

Start recording in minutes. Iterate with your team in minutes with Aquifer's ability to sync to web.

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Achieve your content goals

3D Animators

Breathe life into your models with Aquifer's accurate and flexible facial motion capture.

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Social Media Creators

Engage your subscribers with dynamic 3D character videos that you can create in minutes.

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Content Marketers

Represent your brand and educate your customers with a custom digital spokesperson.

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Grow your audiences with stunning animated content, made in a flash.

Your brand, brought to life

Aquifer translates your brand assets, identity, and characters into a 3D Studio Kit, ready to create endless videos and images.

You create the stories. We do everything else.

Dream up unique stories and scripts. Our platform transforms them into professional animated stories.

Engage with your audience every day.

Distribute and test your content on your channels. Quickly respond to
insights and iterate your content for maximum ROI. Content to market in days, not months.

Creators & brand builders:

Why settle for anything less than the best?

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