Aquifer is your animated video platform

Our mission is to make storytelling easy and slay the three-headed beasts of time, money, and ability.

We empower brand builders and content creators to develop character-driven stories that emotionally connect with audiences at the speed of culture.

The origin of our name

We’re based in Austin, Texas, home to many aquifers.
Aquifers are strong permeable rock bodies that provide important drinking water and give rise to beautiful natural places, like the iconic Barton Springs. Aquifers feed both the important and the fun. So do we.

Our Values

Magic is real

In the world of animation, anything is possible, creativity is king, and the only limit is your own imagination.

Stories need conflict. Creating stories doesn't.

We exist to make storytelling easy and slay the three-headed beasts of time, money, and ability.

Character: important in stories, more important in people

Villains and monsters are great for stories but they’re not so great to work with. Be good, do good, and fight for just causes.

Where one story ends, the next begins.

"Happily-ever-afters" are a disservice to the richness of life. Tomorrow always brings a new adventure.

Our Team

Chen Zhang

CEO & Co-founder

Matt Udvari

CTO & Co-founder

Aaron Albert

Technical Architecture

April Martin

3D Character Art

Caleb Embry

Machine Learning

Elwin Lee

UI/UX Design

Laura Smith

3D Animation

Orlando Kalossakas

Product Management

Perla Perez

Customer Success

Sebastian Kawar

UI/UX Design

Walt Kuhn

Full Stack Development

Will Tallent

3D Environment Art

Backed by

Our Story

We created Aquifer to transform storytelling. In our 3D content production studio, we began developing technology to improve the speed and quality of character animation in our daily operations.

We realized this technology could help others produce movie-quality animation at a fraction of the time and cost, unlocking the stories that live within all of us.

Our technology would allow creativity to flow freely, diversifying cultural narratives by unleashing the imagination and removing the barriers that constrain creativity.

We’re based in Austin, TX, home to many aquifers that surround and ground all of us. They serve a critical role to our natural geographic tapestry. We strive to play a critical role in our cultural tapestry. Giving storytellers intelligent film tools to start a cultural revolution, and tell any story.

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