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Experience the magic of Aquifer for yourself.  Download to your desktop and start creating instant animated videos.
Download for MacOS
Compatible with: macOS Monterey, Ventura, and Sonoma

Built-in or peripheral mic required to use some features.
Download for Windows
Compatible with:  Windows 10 and Windows 11

Built-in or peripheral mic required for some features
Cinematic is now automatic.
1 Onboard Your Character IP
We take your assets and integrate them into Aquifer's instant animation system
2 Upload Audio
Simply record audio or upload voiceover audio and Aquifer generates a full 3D animated scene in seconds
3 Get Your Video
Grab your animated video file from Aquifer's cloud dashboard and publish anywhere
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The Aquifer Blog

How to create dynamic and complex body animations in seconds with Aquifer

Aquifer not only simplifies the animation process with its AI-assisted body animation feature, but also offers the flexibility to fine-tune every detail to match your unique vision.

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How to preview and export to pro-level video options with Aquifer

In today's competitive digital landscape, where audience attention is fleeting, you need to be able to get eye-catching content out quickly. That’s why Aquifer provides advanced camera and video settings that merely take seconds to select and export.

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