One platform to scale
your IP
Generate animated videos from text or audio
High-quality results
Export MP4
Distribute content anywhere
Get ultra expressive character animations:
Lip Sync

Facial expressions
Mix and match from a huge animation library
Use our templates or create your own
Choose from dozens of 3D avatars
Select professional and industry 3D worlds
Customize your own avatar
The Aquifer system adapts to any style to match your brand.
Single or multi character scenes
Switch between single and multiple character scenes to create rich, cinematic dialogue-driven videos.
Aquifer API - integrate aquifer video generation in your site or app
Generate animations from VO or text
Simply add text or VO, then generate character animations including facial expressions, lip sync, body movement, and shots with a click.
Blend from hundreds of animation segments
Character-specific movements
Blend from handred of animation segmants
Character-specific movements
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