The fastest way to create pro-level animation with your brand characters

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  • No animation experience needed
  • Animate characters just by uploading audio
  • Create and export to video in seconds
Dynamic, full-body animations made effortless
  • Animate your character with text descriptions
  • Fine-tune every detail to match your unique vision
  • No more laborious key framing or generic movements

Ultra expressive animations in your character’s unique style profile

  • Our lip sync algorithm will perfectly replicate your character’s unique facial movements
  • Customize the snappiness of your character’s animations

Animate with text

Simply describe what you want your character to do to animate a full scene complete with body movements, facial expressions, and cinematic camera shots.

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Lip sync from audio

Upload your voice over and let Aquifer animate your character to lip sync perfectly.

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Make selective adjustments

Adjust body poses, swap out facial expressions, or add a wink. Our scenes are fully editable in a timeline, just like a video.

Animation style selection

The Aquifer system adapts to any style to match your brand, whether it's snappy, smooth, stylized, or realistic.

High res alpha video export

Export formats include MP4, ProRes, and Alpha Channel. Download your video and do post processing in the video editing suite of your choice.

Aspect ratio selection

Posting your content to Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube? Use our aspect ratio selection tool to export your video with the proper dimensions. Choose from 1:1, 16:9, and 9:16.

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