Our biggest update yet: Introducing Aquifer Flow

Our biggest and boldest platform update yet! Read on to learn how to maximize your engagement at a fraction of the cost!

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March 14, 2021

Since our last features announcement, we've made huge updates to Aquifer.

We know firsthand the frustration of having a great story to tell, but finding roadblocks all along the way, from modeling to technical animation to rendering. That's why we created Aquifer Flow, which eliminates all the technical barriers of animation. All you need is a great story idea.

The new experience is especially designed for brands and teams that want to tell episodic, character-based animated stories, but want to avoid the big expense and long timelines of hiring studios. The best part is, Aquifer uses your existing IP.

1. Professional animated content in a flash

A single animated video usually takes weeks or months and cost tens of thousands of dollars when you work with studios. Plus, their model doesn't allow for iteration, flexibility, or allow for easy content scalability.  Our proprietary technology transforms your brand and IP to become stunning animated videos. Our creators collaborate with you for scripts, stories and then use our platform to rapidly generate professional-quality animated video stories.

2. Bring your brand IP to life

Develop character-driven animated stories with IP that you own. We translate your brand assets, characters, environments, and identity colors into an Aquifer Studio Kit, ready to transform into videos and stories. Simply send visual references and our team takes care of the rest. Your Studio Kit is ready in just two weeks.

3. No animation experience, no problem

We know firsthand how complicated 3D animation is, from modeling, animation, to rendering. Aquifer is an all-in-one platform that allows your team to do what you know best - storytelling. Our team and technology take care of everything else.

4. The only limit is your imagination

One character telling a story to audiences? Sure, you can do that with Aquifer. Four people chasing each other in a house? Sure, why not? A panda doing kung fu? Yep. Animation and Aquifer are worlds where anything is possible and creativity is king.

5. Share your animated videos anywhere

With your input, our creator teams finish your videos within 1-3 days. You'll receive a notification that your high-res final video is ready to download from your dashboard. From there and share your finished video anywhere - Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, your website, blog, Twitter.

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