Bring your characters to the real world with AquiferAR

Brands and teams can now bring your brand mascots or virtual instructors into the real world with custom animated AR videos made in minutes.

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March 2, 2022

We are excited to announce our newest feature - AquiferAR!

We  enable brands and teams to make high-quality custom animations with their mascots and avatars. With the new AquiferAR feature,  you can now drop them into the real world to make augmented reality videos.

Aquifer's mission is to enable brands and teams to create studio-quality animation experiences for marketing, social media, learning & development, training, and more. So many powerful stories happens in the physical world. We wanted to create a simple experience to give content teams, regardless of experience, the ability to make highly engaging videos that break the barriers of physical and digital, to allow their virtual brand mascots, brand ambassadors, and virtual instructors to interact with teams, offices, facilities, and the physical world.

With the addition of AquiferAR to Aquifer's powerful suite of creation tools for teams to make 3D animated videos in minutes, our customers now have an all-in-one 3D media creation powerhouse for all of their marketing, L&D, HR storytelling needs.

How AquiferAR Works

Imagine creating custom animations for augmented reality in minutes with zero coding or 3D animation experience. With AquiferAR, it's possible in 3 easy steps.

1. Animate character's face by recording your facial expressions and audio

Get perfect lip sync in seconds by recording yourself. Hold the phone up like you're taking a selfie, press record, and speak your lines. Aquifer will perfectly capture your facial expressions and audio and place movements onto the character in real time. When you're done, press finish and you can play back your recorded facial expressions.
Pro tip
: The face animation clips also blend with each other so you can record and re-record different segments with ease.

2. Animate character by adding movement clips

Add one movement or add several different movements to get the exact motions you want your character to do. Aquifer's movement library has hundreds of options for you to choose from from talking gestures to walking, presenting, typing, jumping, and much more.

3. Place character in the world and record your scene

Once you're happy with the character movements, simply drop and scale character on a surface in the real world, on the ground or on a table, and then tap record and export. Your finished video will be in your camera roll ready to share anywhere.

What AR story will you tell with Aquifer?

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