Aquifer and Guru Studio partner to launch True from hit Netflix series on Cameo.  Learn More

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Create high-quality animated videos with Aquifer's all-in-one 3D animation platform in minutes. It's simple to use and allows you to tell any story with your characters.
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We brought Netflix's True & The Rainbow Kingdom to Cameo
The popular personalized video message service Cameo introduces its first 3D animated character, thanks to a partnership between Guru Studio and Aquifer.
Use your character's IP and get quality results
Use your existing assets or request custom models from our expert team such as characters, environments, props, etc.
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Leveraging Aquifer’s cutting-edge technology, we're excited to be leading the way enabling young fans and their families to create an even deeper, and more personal relationship with the characters they love.
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Guru Studio
Our brand’s studio kit is a dream come true. Now my entire team can create animated content.
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After releasing the animated episodes, we noticed the percentage of people who watched the entire video doubled. Aquifer allowed us to scale high-quality animation production
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Blue Studios
Aquifer's platform and innovative features give our teams the ease and flexibility to create exciting content across channels.
G2 Esports
Aquifer is awesome. We didn't get great results using freelancers and thought 3D animation wouldn't be feasible for us. From their great selection of templates, we selected a style that we felt our audiences would love. We're thrilled about the final results.
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Bite-size videos, full episodes, and everything in between
Use Aquifer's platform to create unlimited videos that can be as long or short as you like. Upload your content to any social media platform.
Animating your character is as simple as recording
With Aquifer's face capture feature, it only takes a few taps to get your character talking. Just record your own face and voice to bring your character to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

3D video uses dynamic scene visuals to grab the viewer's attention and cuts through the clutter of other media. Whether you want to help your customers understand how a new product works, or want to create an emotional connection through a character or mascot, 3D animated videos are an effective way to get your message across. 

Our expert team can work with you to create custom 3D assets such as characters, environments, and props. We also have a library of templates that are available for you to use. If you already have a character, you can add it to our app for your team to access.

Traditionally, animation requires technical skills, which necessitates marketing teams to hire agencies or studios, often paying thousands of dollars per minute of video and waiting weeks or months for the finished video. Aquifer gives your team the ability to make studio-quality animated videos in minutes.

Nope! As long as you have a monthly subscription, you can make and export unlimited videos with Aquifer.

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Celebrity video, 3D animations, and bite sized videos are all the buzz in 2022. Find out what content trends you should be keeping an eye open for this year.

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Aquifer brings the first 3D animated celebrity to Cameo with Netflix’s True & the Rainbow Kingdom
Chen Zhang

The popular video messaging service Cameo introduces its first 3D animated character, thanks to a partnership between Guru Studio and Aquifer.

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